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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wheels of Justice Tour, 2008

In a recent opportunity, I was exposed to grassroots folks of passion, doing their work. I share the value and importance of that work here with you:
The Wheels of Justice Tour has a mission to counter the American media insulation-conditioning of all Americans in ongoing denial of information, by speaking out about the occupations in Iraq and Palestine. Two of the founding speakers on The Wheel of Justice Tour provide intelligent and factual information that you are not getting in the American media. This post is intended for all those Americans who cannot hear the history of our country doing great wrong in the world. A history of great wrongs that are grinding this country to a halt. Intelligent, irrefutable facts and knowledgeable information abound to open one's eyes to the truth. Being afraid and avoiding the truthful consequences of our governments actions that demand our responsible collective availabilities, will only make the pile of grievances that much bigger to show up for. Paying the bill for choices made, always comes due. One can choose truth, learn skills for showing up, choose courage required to do what needs doing, or one can be rendered imprisoned by the weight of one's choices to avoid the truth. Killing and/or hurting one another, turning a naïvely trusting blind eye to government actions unchecked, is always going to come knocking at the door of truth, in a manner that will not be denied.
I invite you to slowly take off your blinders, read what I post for all our betterment and concerned well-being. Spend even an hour researching what you find here. Trust your own intelligence to cross-check all references listed here. References that may also cross your further reading across the "super information highway." The key is to trust yourself. Believe your own instincts. Believe your own intuitions. Then talk with your neighbors, friends, families, community members_ thoughtfully. Observantly. Then quietly consider all the information before you again. Pray. Meditate. Then take appropriate action with your friends, perhaps new friends; to build this world into one that is pro-actively loving. Our governments absolutely require our leadership right NOW! Our governments have gone astray, and we ARE the ones we need right now. In this context, read on about The Wheels of Justice Tour, 2008:
'Eyewitness speakers roll into American towns and cities across this great country, and speak to everyday Americans in welcoming churches, and to students on college campuses. The basic message of the tour is facilitated on a biodiesel bus to show and talk and sing and dance truthfully about the occupation of Iraq and Palestine.
Eyewitnesses share their direct accounts from Iraq and Palestine to challenge and educate Americans about the repercussions of war and occupation on human beings abroad and Americans here at home. Having lived with war, terror and occupation, and seen first-hand the aftermath of government policies rooted in a justification of war and egregious violence the U. S. media then further clinically rations, to propagandize the American public, in order to gain un-researched popular support_ both Mazin Qumsiyeh and Mike Miles talk to us all about justice and human rights as the only real path for peace. Their firsthand experience and perspective are offered unattached to partisan politics.
Qumsiyeh, a Palestinian American, is a former Professor of Genetics at Yale University School of Medicine. He is author of the widely acclaimed book, "Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human Rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle." He, along with his work appear in national media, interviews and print.

Miles, is a Catholic Worker and founder of Anathoth Community Farm, a center for the study of nonviolence, community, and sustainable living in Wisconsin. He holds a masters degree from North Park Seminary in Chicago, and has been arrested numerous times while practicing proactive nonviolence over the past 25 years. He has spent time as a human rights observer in both Iraq and Palestine.

The mobile peace center has made over a thousand stops on American campuses, in cities and towns with local peace groups and faith communities, promoting non-violent solutions to war and occupation across this planet. The public is invited to attend their free speaking events, and bus open-house when they arrive in a city near you!'

Looking for an internship in non-violence experience? I understand from last night's event, that TWOJT, 2008 is seeking a trip coordinator!

***Mike Miles: this one's for you!

Contact them to schedule a stop in your town and for more information at: (Well, stay tuned! I am working on this piece and will post pertinent contact info asap. Thanks!)

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