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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Word to the Wise

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Posted by: Michael J. Ahles | March 1, 2008 11:50 AM

This shows not just how hard it is for reporters but educators too. We are at a time when teachers have been cornered into testing, that means nothing except losing schools u NCLB. We can not get critical thinking to be the number one priority any more. Lynn Cheney helped America decide what students learn in the classrooms across the country and it is not Howard Zinn or Ms. Painter from last nights show. Maybe we should have the conservatives write all our news stories like they have written our humanities standards in school curriculum. Obama and Clinton want merit pay for teachers and that will not help. I know lets have teachers teach just the spin of the era they teach. Johnson told the truth about Vietnam. Nixon was not a crook. Wilson met Ho Chi Minh at the Paris Peace talks of 1919. Bush does not spy on us. HW Bush has nothing to do with NAFTA. Hilary takes on the credit card companies. Clinton never sold small arms to other countries. Steiglitz is wrong that the Pentagon is keeping two sets of money books on the Iraq War. Students do n need to know what was past and is prologue. Reality is being manipulated and educators are under the gun since the backlash of the 1960-70s to conform more and more every year. The Culture Wars are being ignored. If we lose an educated critical polis we are done for. We only have a little time left for free speech in the classrooms. It seems the newspapers are not far behind because this has already happened to teachers in America, just look at State and Federal Case law. Now people might take notice what is happening in school districts across the nation similar to what is happening to Risen and the FBI whistleblower. An educated public can only help news reporters who tell the truth, but that has scared the powerful elite since civilization has existed. A smart public demanding the ability to rise on the social ladder, that is class warfare! The Ravitch Language Police are on the March and I do not think it is the liberals. The old whigs are winning and they do not take Adam Smith along on journey to opression!
Thank you Rick Carr.
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