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Friday, January 25, 2008

Students: A Challenge FOR You!

There are some of us who were there for the sixties revolution who believe in your ability to be enlightened, and successfully resist just becoming the new materialists!
As we sixties survivors stand among you, we look to your inspiration. Stop being afraid of the conditioning that came from others who were there for the party, but who have raised you filled with the holy ghost of corporate fear! The fear they have not recovered from in but only glimpsing their truth concerning the reality of being awake. Those well-intentioned groomers opting instead for the false illusion of material-for-security only at the expense of facing the truth.
They have missed that both are possible!

What does that mean?

Take the journey to your own humanness to find out.

Ultimately, it is the journey itself that DOES pay the highest tribute to those who have raised you: to evolve beyond them. Beyond the veil.
Now while your are young, know your courage intimately with responsibility to your own awakening in the one universal principal that you first, do no harm to yourself or others.


Constructively deconstructing.


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