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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Democracy Under Siege

I am venting my frustrations about the marketplace, at not finding cooperation where I seek meaningful employment.

There are no real terrorists_ only formerly democratic governments that have gone to bed with corporate greed. Greed that is the disease of full-on growth that has only it's own antiquated model of the market economy as we know it, for its own sake.

Populations are being held hostage, and force-fed consumerist indoctrination that dictates: consume because "we" will hire violence to terrify and control you and all your access other-wise.

When will people stop being so afraid about material security, and rise up concerning their own empowerment?!

Money does think, feel, breathe, create. It is OUR tool. We infuse money with our myths and fears, or we see that it is in essence a symbol of our own conscious transactions.

How conscious are your transactions?

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