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Friday, April 6, 2007

A Summer of Self-Love

The CCC group thus far is a grand total of one, and this one is taking a break for the summer for much needed personal transitions. Transitions that are focused on non-traditional work development. There may be postings here intermittently then, that continue to be primarily focused on cultural history.
As the writer, poster, developer of this blog, one of the main concerns from the perspective of being an experienced observer, is the current larger cultural shift to rampant materialism by the newest members of the workforce. A bit of unsolicited advice: Gen Xers are probably not the best example-setters, like-wise Hippies are not losers. Many kids born during (this) era of the sixties, seventies, and eighties may be healing from chaos and pain historically found in all the contemporary cultural groups of that era. That reality for the potential need to heal, is not diminished here at all. The point on rampant materialism, is that only toxic habits are dominating cultural life now, kiddos! For all the gadgets, there is a great deal of distraction to what is ultimately real_ distraction on a huge scale then, that is potentially sealing the reality that the new workforce generation's legacy is, only one of being so much fodder for the corporate machine. Don't be so damn intimidated by consumerist B.S.
Authentic happiness will always only be inside. The first generational clue is cynicism. If that disease gotcha before your right to your own idealism, then there is work to do! Work belonging to the newest generation mirroring at this point, developmentally naïve perceptions of reality back to the dominate world. That is techno-savvy YOU! The generation of your parents will all be dead one day! This unsolicited warning is only attempting to point to the future QUALITY of your own life environment. What is YOUR world going to look like for YOUR kids?! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Don't just open-throat swallow tradition without question! Think about the choice to reclaim the definition of tradition to fit it to WHO your are becoming!! Don't let yourselves be distracted by too much choice_ get quiet inside. Where does the quality of your OWN inner silence take your attentions?
Speaking up about consciousness evolution then, has also been the emerging intention of this site. Since it was clear from the get-go, that no one else was going to have the gumption to participate, then recapturing aspects of alternative cultural history is posted here in an intention to infuse personal empowerment, in healthy, creative ways.
Look at the art! Listen to the music! Drop competition! Understand the nature of patriarchy! Research the radical conversations on reclaiming public culture in the early sixties! Do not leave out political history from the sixties forward to the new century. Read "The Cultural Creatives!" Consciously connect the dots to the present cultural reality! See yourself in the bigger picture.
Notice the direction of personal growth! TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOURSELF!
Mastery within one's own life doesn't happen overnight, and you are worth the time it takes to consciously live your own life.

"Til next fall, this blog will only be very intermittently attended then.

What can you add to this space until then?

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